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Making Mealtime Meaningful

I have three sons. Getting them to sit down for devotional time can be a challenge. Okay, “challenge” is mild. It can be impossible with their little bodies constantly moving, usually all three in different directions at once!

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The Girlfriends Guide to the Bible: When Grace Walks In by Stacey Thacker

Sometimes when I read the Bible, it is hard to make connections or to understand what I’m reading. This is where I love Stacey Thacker’s Girlfriends Guide to the Bible series.


Learning to Hide God’s Word in Our Hearts

When I was little my Mom had us memorize many, many verses, and I hated it. I told her when I grew up, I wasn’t going to do it and for years I didn’t. It wasn’t until several years ago, when those verses I’d memorized as a child would come back to me in moments when I needed them, I realized the value of memorizing God’s Word.