You are Special!

Jul 8, 2013

Today as I remembered all my friends God has blessed me with on our travels over the last year, I was reminded of how all of us have special gifts that allow us to give back and encourage others.

One of my friends is blessed with a heart of faith. If God tells her something, she believes it with unwavering faith, even in the face of situations that would cause most to walk away and figured they heard wrong. Her faith encourages me to have faith of my own. To trust God and take him at his word, no matter what the circumstances around me look like.

I have another friend who has this amazing servant heart. Wherever God plants her, she immediately digs in a begins to serve others. She has this ability to teach others God’s word and often has several studies going at once because of it. Wherever she is, she’s reaching out in ways that may go unnoticed by most, but I know God sees and smiles down on her as she serves others in his name. Watching her encourages me to reach out and look for ways to serve others myself, and to find ways in my day to pass on His love no matter how busy I think I am.

Then there is my friend who has such a tender heart. Hearing a story about others who are hurting instantly brings tears to her eyes. Because of this gift, she is quick to reach out and welcome others with open arms. Being around her makes me want to really see the people around me and to reach out to them instead of just passing them by.

These are just three of the friends God’s blessed me with during this adventure. I have many more with equally diverse gifts.

If you’re feeling like less today, less than perfect, less than enough time, less than others, know that in Christ you are more than. More than perfect, more than enough time, more than what you may see. That tenaciousness, that ability to get into too much, that tenderness may seem like a weakness to you, but to God it is good, and he can use it to bless others. Give him all of you, your perceived strengths and weaknesses and watch what they become in His hands today.

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