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Everyday Prayers for the School Year

School years can be a challenge with all the decisions there are to make. We want to make the best choices for our family, but we’re unsure where to start. Whatever your schooling choice, focusing on Jesus as you begin the school year can give your family a strong foundation.

This devotional and prayer journal has been written with your family in mind! In it we’ll join in prayer over friendships, teachers (even if that teacher is you!), classes, character, and God-given gifts.

During the school season, we might not have all the answers, but we can seek the one who does!



Abide: 40 Ways to Focus on Jesus Daily

We all know spending time with Jesus is important if we want to grow in our relationship with Him. We hear about quiet time, but how do we actually find the time to focus on Jesus in the middle of our never-ending to-do list? There is hope!

In Abide, Tara Cole helps you:

  • Find peace in pursuing a deeper relationship with Jesus
  • Discover 40 quick practical idea to begin today
  • Develop strategies to spend time with Jesus throughout your busy day

Begin to weave these ideas into the fabric of your life instead of fearing you're not doing enough. Begin to focus your eyes on Jesus and look up!

Sacred Pathways for Kids

One of our biggest goals as parents is helping our kids get to heaven. But many of us struggle with finding ways to connect our children with Jesus in ways that are meaningful and speak to them.

In Sacred Pathways for Kids, learn:

  • 9 Sacred Pathways and ways to identify your child’s pathway
  • Bible verses and characters who demonstrate those Pathways
  • Activities and Resources so you can begin today

Join us as we connect your child to God in the special ways He made them! 


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