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Prayer in Practice by J.L. Gerhardt

If you’re struggling with prayer or where to begin, one of my favorite resources for prayer is Prayer in Practice by J.L. Gerhardt.


How to Invite Jesus into your Daily Chores

Praying while doing chores has been an attitude changer for me. I’m not a fan of chores. I know, who is, right? Praying is one way I’ve found to give me a better attitude in the midst of them and invite Jesus in, instead of complaining to myself about the fact I have to do them.

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YouVersion App

You may already know about YouVersion for your smartphone or tablet, but just in case you don’t…. I love this app! It was created by in Oklahoma City, a community church that was planted in 1996 by Craig Groeschel. For those who like to highlight and take notes, it is easy with YouVersion. You can highlight in different… Continue reading YouVersion App


4 Ways to Spend Time with God on Busy Days

I woke up hoping to get 30 minutes of quiet time to myself. The smell of coffee trailed through the house. The quiet rain pattered on the window. I relaxed into my chair, wrapping my hands around the warm coffee mug, and released a sigh. It had been a long week, and I treasured this… Continue reading 4 Ways to Spend Time with God on Busy Days

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The Bible Project

This YouTube channel and website are quickly becoming some of my favorites because of their clear, concise Biblical message, and professional quality videos. It can be a struggle to understand Biblical concepts and then explain them to your kids. The Bible Project breaks down books of the Bible; themes like “The Messiah” and “Holiness”; and… Continue reading The Bible Project