When I think of connect, I immediately think of my children. Lately, I’m being challenged to connect with them better. To really knell down and see them, to get to know them–each of them–for who they are.

This is hard for me the race through the day. Sometime I feel like I’m just pulling their little boats behind me in my wake. Bounce, bounce, bounce, we go here. Bounce, bounce, bounce, we do this. Whew! We survived once again.

I want to do more with my days than survive them. I want to connect with my children on a more intimate level and travel through our days side-by-side. Stopping to enjoy the little things. Lingering over ice cream here. Savoring my children’s laughter there. Playing hide-and-go-seek when he asks. I want our days to be about connecting in the moment, instead of surviving the day.

How can we Build a Foundation of Faith in our Families?


By Abiding in Jesus.

Let me show you how.

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