Her mother was anything but ordinary. Wrapped up in that blanket of love and encouragement was a feisty spirit, and it seemed to find itself often directed at Will.

Sarah’s shoulders shook as she recalled how her mom reacted when Will asked to marry Sarah. Instead of giving a straight answer to his question, she had asked for the check from the waiter without breaking a grin. Dad said Mom hadn’t let the facade slip until they got home with Will quaking in his boots. Only then had she given him a warm hug and let the poor guy breath again.

Mom made life fun, but also difficult. What had she told Will this morning?

Sarah walked out of the coffee shop as Will continued to relate the tale. Apparently, he’d had a surprise planned, but Mom had sent him on a wild goose chase through town looking for Sarah. She knew Sarah had needed sometime to herself, some time to think, so she’d…

To check out the first three installments of this story click here. The first one is at the bottom. Enjoy!

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