Friday Favs (on Wednesday) ~ 2 min Devotions

Feb 27, 2013

God's Inspirational Promise Book

God’s Inspirational Promise Book, by Max Lucado, and Joy for the Journey, by various authors are two of my favorite short devotional books for when I truly only have 2-5 min for quiet time, or I’m hurting so badly I need help finding my way.

I love these books for a few reasons. First, because they aren’t short devos forced on a particular theme or verses, instead, they are excerpts from well known Christians author’s books, which have already touch many, paired with verses that speak straight to your heart. In my copies, I have booked marked my favorite topics and return to them again and again to gather encouragement from God and these authors.

Both of these books are also arrange by topic, so the perfect verse to meet your situation is often easy to find. I have read them straight through at times, but most of the time I’ve gone by topic. It’s always interesting for me to look back and see the date I read a particular devotion and what I wrote in the margins at the time. Often I’m encouraged to see that God answered my prayers in unexpected ways or something that seemed overwhelming at the time I’ve completely forgotten.

Joy For The Journey A Woman's Book Of Joyful Promises

Another favorite feature of the books is that the devotions are short. If you woke up late, your kids woke up early, or it’s a crazy day, you can still find time to pick up one of these books and spend a few minutes with God.

I also like them because when I’m walking through one of those times where I don’t have the strength to flip through my Bible for the perfect verses, these books have helped lead me to some that were often just what I needed. Many times I’ve written down verses found on a note card and carried it around with me for weeks because it was just the encouragement I needed.

If you’re looking for short, well written, bursts of encouragement, I hope you’ll seek these books out. You can find them on Amazon at the links below or at your favorite Christian book store.

God’s Inspirational Promise Book by Max Lucado
Joy for the Journey by various women Christian authors

I have not been compensated for the above review in anyway. I simply love these resources and hope you’ll find them helpful, too.

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