Ep 19: When God Shows Up with Esther Goetz

Apr 20, 2021

Please Note: The audio in this episode is distorted in places on my side. Augh! But the conversation was so good and Esther’s story so encouraging, I didn’t want you to miss out! So here it is, as Esther says, sometimes we just need to “wash over it with grace.” I hope you still enjoy it!

Ever feel like you’re about to have a nervous breakdown? Everyone who’s lived through the last year, I see you raising your hands. (*wink)

In this month’s God Story, Esther Goetz shares how 15 years ago she actually did have a nervous breakdown in the middle of being a mom and an “Estergizer Bunny,” as her kids lovingly called her. During that time, God revealed his plan for Esther in the form of butterflies that reminder her to slow down and accept the metamorphosis He was doing in her.

In this episode learn how:

  • God can show up despite our weaknesses
  • He transforms us in the waiting
  • He gives us grace in the trenches


Connect with Esther: 

Esther is a wife to Allen Goetz and they have been married for over 28 years and currently live in New Jersey.  She is a mom to four grown children (ages 20-28).  She was born a missionary kid in war-torn Ethiopia but has become a very average, American, Christian wife and mom who has a fierce passion for marriage and family. She has been driven to my knees in prayer and to raise her hands in praise.   It’s been an absolutely beautiful, hard, sacred, messy, complicated, and wonderful journey!  She longs to breathe hope and healing (sprinkled with some humor) to the heart and home of every woman! 

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