Ep. 42: Building Your Child’s Character thru Family Culture with Kimberly Amici

Feb 7, 2023

I recently got that text from a friend. “Your son hurt my son….” 

No one ever wants that text. Even if our kids fight with their siblings, we hope they will control themselves in public, especially with good friends. 

Thankfully, it was resolved quickly and all friendships (adults and children) are still intact, but how do we help our children develop lasting character? Self-control and all the others? 

This month’s episode helps to answer those questions and more. My guest Kimberly Amici is a Family Culture Coach and co-host of the Build Your Best Family podcast. Through our conversation you’ll learn: 

  • How to begin to create a family culture in your home
  • What family culture looks like practically 
  • 5 questions to ask as you develop a family culture 

If you find this episode helpful, connect with Kimberly at:

Want to find the resources we discussed? I’ve got you! 

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