Ep. 41: How to Support Our Children’s Interests with Monica Swanson

Jan 3, 2023

One of the exciting things about parenting is watching our kids develop interests and explore their giftings. On this episode of Over a Cup, Tara talks to Monica Swanson, author of Boy Mom, about fostering our children’s unique interests and how we can continually lead our kids to scripture. These two moms get very practical about how they have creatively supported their children’s interests, set healthy boundaries for their kids, and provided resources that they love to use that connect them to God’s bigger story.

Show Takeaways:

  • Learn about Monica’s journey to allowing her kids to follow their interests
  • Listen to how she is developing her own faith and passing it on to her kids.
  • Discover the many children’s Bible resources and tips Tara and Monica share to encourage your kids to love God’s word and invest in it themselves.

Show Links:

In this episode, Monica and I share a lot of practical ideas to help you and your kids build a relationship with Jesus. If you need help making time with God a regular habit, please join our OverACup Patreon community for our Live Workshop on January 17th @ 1 pm, CST! This workshop will help you:

  • Choose a habit based on how God uniquely made you
  • Develop tiny daily habits that stick
  • Celebrate your success to create lasting change

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Some of these are affiliate links from Amazon and other sources. I only recommend resources that my guest or I have used and loved. When you use the links above, it doesn’t cost you anything extra but helps to support the podcast. Thank you!

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