One of my favorite quotes, though I don’t remember who from, is “Writing is revision.” However, revision takes time. Yuck! I preach it to my students, but most days I don’t like any more than they do. It’s hard!

I haven’t forgotten about my blog, again. But I am working at revising “part two” of my last posting. I’m reading 2 Cor. now, and there is so much to unpack! I love how Paul’s letters unfold and fold back on themselves for meaning. Yes, you can pull out a scripture and preach on it, but when you consider his letters holistically and in context, textual and historical, it gives them so much depth! Unfortunately, I’m still wading through, so it will be a few more days before “part two” is revised. I promise it will be sooner than later, though.

GB (God Bless),

T.L. Cole

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