I promise I’ll do better…

Feb 19, 2010

Okay, so it has been four months since I last posted. Oopps! In an earlier post I promised this wouldn’t get to kid updaty…but oh, well. We’ll do both. Then maybe I can keep up better. : )

Ethan was officially one month old on Sunday. I can’t believe it! My little squeaky bean is growing up so fast! He can already roll over from tummy to back, swat at toys, and “sing” with me. I love him more and more each day.

A few weeks ago we started taking some ideas from the book Baby Wise. It’s a life saver! I now feel like I have my life back. Before I was at the whim of Ethan and had little idea what was going to happen on a given day. Now we have a flexible schedule, so I can plan things around his naps, eating, and play times.

This week we’re practicing sleeping on his back in the Pack-N-Play. For the first six weeks he slept with us and since then he’s slept sitting up in his swing seat. Now we’re trying to progress further…The first part of the week it was a disaster! He didn’t want to sleep on his back at all. Now, thanks to ideas from the LL girls, he’s swaddled and doing much better! We need him to sleep in the Pack-N-Play because when we travel he needs to be able to sleep without too much trouble.

Well that’s all the update for now. I’ll post pics later (maybe).


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  1. Kelly T

    Congratulations on your little guy! Rolling over at just a month old – that’s impressive! Glad you discovered Baby Wise… it was a very dear friend to us with both our kiddos. Me likey sleep. Enjoy your sweet Ethan!!

  2. Trey

    Step 1. Rolling over.
    Step 2. Skateboarding.


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