Finally Bouncing…and other updates

Mar 15, 2010

Ethan is growing and changing so much! I just love watching him learn. I really can’t imagine anything I would enjoy more : )

This week he learned to “hang on” while I carry him. He hooks his little around my shoulder as I carry him facing toward me. This for him is a big deal since until he learned to hang on, he hated being carried backwards.

He’s also FINALLY big enough for his bouncy seat. This is a huge deal since he LOVES to bounce to the point that he wears everyone out. It’s hanging in the doorway between the laundry room and the kitchen. I put him in it this morning while I was getting breakfast ready. He sat in it for awhile and just hung out and smiled because he was standing on his own. Then when he figured out he could bounce, he would kick his little legs and do tiny bounces. He even turned it around to face the laundry room then turned it back to face the kitchen. His smile lit up his whole face and it almost got a giggle out of him. He must have really liked it if he giggled. He can laugh, but only Jeremy can get him to and so far only three times in two weeks!

After a little while, he started to get tired. I took him out and sat down to hold him while I finished my breakfast. He was so excited, though! He kept jumping on my lap, smiling huge, and “talking” telling me all about the fun he had. This is the most animated and “talking” I have seen him in weeks. From his expressions, I’m guessing he had a blast : )

Okay, since this week is Spring Break, my goal is to get significant work done on Ethan’s quilt. It’s already pieced. All I lack is getting it pinned, basted, and quilted. I do not want to still be working on it around Ethan’s first birthday!

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