I’m reading Francis Chan’s new book Forgotten God. I haven’t even gotten into the book itself yet but have just been reading the verses he lists on the Holy Spirit that tell of the promises God gives us through him.

Reading these verses has made me very angry and very sad. Angry that Satan has so convinced us that the Holy Spirit is too ethereal and too out there for us to understand, so we think why try at all. Or that He only works through the written word of God, the Bible, and none of the Power available through him in the Bible is available to us today.

Sad because we have been so blinded by Satan that we live lives far below those we could be living. I’m not talking about charismatic “Heal thee” power, though it could manifest itself in that way at times. I’m talking instead of Power to help us get through the day soaring instead of bumping along and just surviving day in and day out. Muddling along the path God has placed us on.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to explore some of the verses on the Holy Spirit and look at what we’ve been missing out on. Follow along and discover with me just what we’ve been missing and how to take hold of more of what God has for us here on earth.

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