A few weeks ago, I sent out a status update on Facebook asking if anyone knew of any good devotionals for moms. To my surprise, I got not one response! Since my fb friends are pretty good at commenting, I’m assuming this lack of response was for one of two reasons. Either there really aren’t any young mom specific devos out there, or not many moms have a chance to sit down for daily quite time.

Either way, this is not a good situation. As Kenda Dean’s book Almost Christian points out, the number one reason kids stay faithful after they leave home is because their parents had a personal relationship with Christ that was lived out in the home. From my own experience growing up and now, I believe this relationship starts with daily quite time spent with God. If we don’t personally know Christ by spending time with him regularly, how will we ever introduce our children to Him?

So I’ve decided to begin a research project. I want to discover answers to a few questions:

  1. What percentage of Christians are spending daily quite time with God?
  2. If so, why? What motivates them?
  3. If so, what resources have they found helpful?
  4. If not, why? What barriers are standing in the way?
  5. What resources are currently available to encourage daily quite time?

You can help me with the first few questions by taking the poll at the left, and either commenting on this post or messaging me on Facebook your answers to questions 2-4. Questions 5 I’m researching, but if you have suggestions, I would love to hear them good or bad.

My goal with this research is to discover, first, if there is a real need of a resource or tool to encourage adults, but especially parents, in their daily walk with God. And second, if there are good resources already out there that just need more publicity. Or if there are not resources out there, especially for moms, what type of resource(s) is/are needed?

The poll will be available until June 1st. So you would like to refer your friends here, so I can get a larger sampling of data, I would really appreciate it. Thank you for your help with this research!

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