Daily Quiet Time: Joining Together Continued…

Jun 4, 2012

Hi readers!


I’m excited so many of you are interested in studying together online! We’re coming together to study from across the country and around the world. How cool is that?!

Since we are so spread out, we’re going to adjust for it, so here’s the plan. We’re going to begin with a study on Philippians next Monday, June 11th. Each Monday I’ll post the Monday-Friday readings for the week with some questions to think about and to get the conversation going.

Throughout the week please feel free to post on Overacup.org’s Facebook page (linked on the right) any thoughts you have on the reading and responses to the questions. The goal is to start an ongoing conversation online.

I’ll also start a conversation each week for prayer requests. Overacup.org’s Facebook page is public, so I understand that it might be a little harder to share more personal requests. If there is something you want prayers for but don’t want to share publicly, please feel free to email them (tlcole@overacup.org) or Facebook message me, and I’ll be sure to pray for you throughout the week.

After our study of Philippians, which will take about 4 weeks, we’ll begin our study with 15 Minutes Alone with God by Emily Barnes. You can get physical copies at your local bookstore or Amazon and ebook copies through Kindle and iBooks. We’re doing this book second because we have ladies in our group in Rwanda (Yeah!), and I want to get books to them so they can participate, too. I’m going to be working on this over the next several weeks, so if you have ideas or would like to help please let me know.

In preparation for beginning Philippians next week, you may want to read Acts 16:11-40. These verses tell of Paul’s trip to Philippi and his experience while there.

I can’t wait to being studying with you next week. Please continue to pass this on to your friends who might be interested, too.

God Bless,

Do you find it hard to study the Bible?

It doesn’t have to be.

Let me help you learn a technique for studying that makes it simple. Join me as we study one chapter each week and memorize two verses of scripture each month.

You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes in your life.


  1. Anonymous

    the facebook follow button does not seem to be working

  2. T. L. Cole

    Thank you for letting me know so quickly! Sorry about that. It should be working now.

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