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I am really enjoying our Bible study choice 15 Minutes Alone with God by Emilie Barnes. How about you? Are you finding just 15 minutes each day to spend with Him?

Please continue to share your thoughts and ideas on our Facebook group page. Quotes that you like from the book and Bible readings are also welcome. The important thing is to use the page to learn from each other and keep us accountable to our commitment to spend time with God each day.


I’m looking forward to continuing our study this week. I know I have been really blessed by Emily’s thoughts this past week, and by the titles of the devos, this next week looks to be equally good.
So grab your coffee and come join us as we begin week 2….

Love you and God Bless!


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15 Minutes Alone with God, Week 2

Monday, July 16th ~ A House Divided

Tuesday, July 17th ~ Make Me a Blessing

Wednesday, July 18th ~ In His Steps

Thursday, July 19th ~ The Minimum Daily Adult Requirement

Friday, July 20th ~ The Whys of Life

Saturday, July 21st ~ Is Your Mate Looking Upward?

Sunday, July 22nd ~ HIs Outstreatch Hand

How can we Build a Foundation of Faith in our Families?


By Abiding in Jesus.

Let me show you how.

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