Hi Friends,

I’ve combined weeks 11 and 12 since there are only three readings in week twelve. After that Wednesday, we’re on break until October 1st. I encourage you during the break to review some of your favorite verses or to read some Psalms or Proverbs during your daily quiet time.

I’m really excited about our study of Galatians and Ephesians that begins on October 1st! I’ve been thinking, praying, and reading in preparation for this study a lot over the last few weeks. We’re going to do it a little different from our study of Philippians, and I hope the changes help to encourage you more as you work to make daily time with God a habit.

Grab your coffee and join me as we finish up with Emilie and what God is speaking to us through her.

God bless you this week!


Find 15 Minutes Alone with God by Emilie Barnes at your local Christian bookstore or you can get it here from Amazon.

15 Minutes Alone with God, Week 11 & 12
Monday, September 17th ~ Stillness
Tuesday, September 18th~ Do You Love Me?
Wednesday, September 19th~ The Pain of Rejection
Thursday, September 20th~ Humility- God’s Characteristic
Friday, September 21st~ From Clutter to Contentment

Saturday, September 22nd~ Hospitality That Cares

Sunday, September 23rd~ God Has a Plan

Monday, September 24th~ Femininity

Tuesday, September 25th~ We Do What We Want to Do

Wednesday, September 26th~ You’re Special

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