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I see today’s word and think, “quiet, really?!!” I would love some quiet. I sit here this morning trying to get in a few minutes of quiet time with God before my day begins and hear my 15 old already beginning to stir. “Just a few more minutes.” I pray.

Quiet. Hummm… I think as a mom it’s more of an illusion. It’s the lost ark. You may glimpse it from time to time if you’re committed enough to get up at 6am, or you may catch it’s tail somewhere around 10pm when you’re toddler is finally in bed for the 10th time and actually asleep, but until they are grown, I’m coming to think quiet won’t be seen around my house in great stretches. Only glimpses here and there in between the noise of boys, their excitement, their laughter, their tears.

Nope, no real quiet here. Just a breath held for a moment…

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