I haven’t written fiction in years, but I love it. It’s one of my favorite ways to write. So today I’m starting Fiction Friday. I have no idea where this will lead. I just really want a place and motivation to do it.

For right now, I’ll probably just use the Five Minute Friday propmts from LisaJoBaker.com to get started, but one day it may be more.

If you like to write fiction, too, and have something you’d like to share, please feel free to post it in the comments here or on facebook. I like to read fiction as much as a love to write it, so please join in!

Fiction Friday…Bare

She did it. She’d finally had the courage to bare her soul to another. To open up and let someone else in. Why she’d done it she couldn’t say. It was less about them and more about needing to be brave. To stop pretending to be someone she wasn’t.

Pretense was all she’d know…forever. All. She’d. Known. Pretending to be okay. Pretending to obey all the rules. Pretending to be the perfect daughter. Pretending. All of it.

Now that she’d done it, she felt free. She lifted her wrist almost anticipating to see the shackles dropping away. There were none of course, but she had felt them fall just the same. Felt the release.

Was this what it felt like to finally be real? To let someone in? This freedom? I couldn’t get used to this, she thought.

She shut the computer and set her latte back down on the table. The coffee shop continued to buzz around her unchanged…

This is also a Five Minute Friday post with Lisa Jo. No editing, no back tracking, simply writing for five minutes. Click here to join in!

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