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Mar 8, 2013


…made up some story to keep him occupied.

“Will, stop,” Sarah interrupted his story. “Have you read my latest blog post?”

“No,” he said sounding preoccupied. “Let me tell you that mom of yours…”

“Will, stop. You really should read it. There are some things…” Sarah trailed off already imaging his reaction. “Once you’ve read it meet me at home.”

Sarah hung up and started her car. What had she just done. Now that she’d bared her soul out loud, home was the safest place to go to wait for the immediate backlash she anticipated.

As she arrived home, Sarah caught a whiff of home made bread trailing through the house. Thursday. Her mom always baked on Thursday…

It’s been years since I’ve tried my hand at fiction, so Fiction Friday is for me to have fun and get back in the habit of writing it. I hope you enjoy it, too! To check out the previous installments of this story click here. The first one is at the bottom.

I’m using the Gypsy Mama’s Friday prompts to get me started here. Every Friday writers join together at for Five Minute Friday. One word, five minutes, no editing, and no back tracking. Come join the fun!

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  1. ibeeeg

    You have certainly left me curious.

    I came here via the fact you linked up before me over on 5 Minute Fridays, I am glad I made my way here. I will be checking out your other fiction installments.

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