“After my last mission trip, I got to thinking, ‘This is what I want to be doing. This is where I’m meant to be!’ But I know that’s not where you want to be, Will. I know it’s not where your heart is,” Sarah said.

“But it could be. I could try to find someone to look after the ranch, or we could go in the down season,” Will replied.

Sarah reached out her hand and touched his shoulder. “We both know there’s no down season in ranching,” she said with a smile, “and ranching is your gift, Will. Out in the open spaces is where you belong. I had hoped it was where I belonged, too. I tried so hard to belong, but it’s just not me.”

“But I love you! I know you love me isn’t that enough,” he said looking at her with hope filled eyes, “Aren’t I enough?”

“Will, you’re better than I could ask for, but we both know…”

Fiction Friday is for me to have fun and get back in the habit of writing fiction. I hope you enjoy it! To check out the previous installments of this story click here. The first one is at the bottom.

I’m using the Gypsy Mama’s Friday prompts to get me started. Every Friday writers join together at for Five Minute Friday. One word, five minutes, no editing, and no back tracking. Come join the fun!

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