“But, Sarah,” Will said, “I thought we’d found our rhythm. I thought we’d figured all that out. You can go on missions trips in the summer and save the world, while I stay here and wait for you to come back to Cresent, to me and the ranch.”

“And that’s been great since college, Will. But this last trip really made me see that the people, my friends, over there need me. They need me more than just once or twice a year.”

“But I need you too, Sarah,” Will said his eyes on the pile of roses between them.

“But not in the same way. Listen, I’m going to go. I’ve leaving in two weeks, and we can talk about it more later, but right now I have to get to work,” Sarah said, swiping her purse off the counter…

Fiction Friday is for me to have fun and get back in the habit of writing fiction. I hope you enjoy it! To check out the previous installments of this story click here. The first one is at the bottom.

I’m using the Gypsy Mama’s Friday prompts to get me started. Every Friday writers join together at LisaJoBaker.com for Five Minute Friday. One word, five minutes, no editing, and no back tracking. Come join the fun!

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