Favorite: The Bible App for Kids

Dec 4, 2013

On Thanksgiving YouVersion released its FREE Bible app for kids. We downloaded it yesterday, and my boys (4 and 2) have loved it!

Right now the app included 6 bible stories with room as the developers add more. The home screen is very easy for even my 2 year old to navigate, and the icons are large and easy to understand. Once your kids choose a story, the app reads the story to them without being prompted, though older children can turn that feature off and read it to themselves. The graphics within each story are clear and very well done. They are some of the best I’ve seen in apps for kids.

On each page of the Bible story, there are characters and objects to click on that move, make sounds, or just add fun elements to the picture. In some pictures, your kids can even click on gems to add to their Armor of God or answer trivia questions based on the story they’re reading. By reading the stories, picking up gems, and answering the questions correctly, they can win awards within the app.

The only part of the app I would change is for the trivia questions to also be read aloud, too. Since Ethan can’t read yet, he has trouble with those, but he does really enjoy answering them once I read them to him.

If you’re looking for a fun new way to introduce your kids or grandkids to the Bible, check out the Bible app for kids. It’s won’t replace the Bible story books they already have, but it will give them one more way to learn God’s truths and interact with his word.

You can learn more about the Bible App for Kids here.
Or you can download it from within your YouVersion app on your smart phone or tablet.
Disclaimer: I have not been compensated in any way for this review. I simply enjoy using this material and wanted to pass it on to you.

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