Touch ~ Amber Leech

Feb 10, 2014

Mathew 8:15: Jesus touched her hand
Mathew 9:29: Jesus touched their eyes
Mathew 17:7 Jesus touched them
Mathew 20: 34: Jesus touched their eyes

Touch. It’s one of those things that is simple, but may not always be easy. I heard many years ago that we need 12 non sexual touches a day. Twelve? How many do you get? Granted I don’t have children, so this is a more difficult task for me. Popular psychology lore also states that it takes at least 6 positives to help cover something negative. Does this work with touch? Does this mean that if we have a negative touch experience that we need at least 6 positives to make up for it? Hmm… I feel a research project coming on…

People who know me also know that I am not a hugger. I’m not the one at church going around and hugging people. I have learned that this is a way people communicate, perhaps the equivalent to “greeting one another with a holy kiss,” I will provide the requisite Christian side hug with the additional 3 pats on the shoulder when approached.

But I have a confession. I kinda like the spontaneous hugs of a child running over and grabbing around my neck with all their might. The hug of my over grown pup when I come home from work. The hug of a horse on a bad day. I even like the hug of my wonderful husband who works hard so I can follow my dreams.

If Jesus thought that touch was important, it must be important. The true touch of a friend who is comforting you. The hug of someone you have missed. Those full enveloping touches that do not just touch your skin, but your soul.

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