Look to the Ants ~ Amber Leech

May 13, 2014


There are always ants. I don’t know why there are ants, but they are always there. In our first house they were pharaoh ants, second house were wood ants, third were fire ants, fourth were back to pharaoh ants. When we moved to another city, we walked into a house we liked, looked at the front porch, and you guessed it. Ants. These ants stay outside so we co-exist peacefully.

I recently moved into a new office. My first “hanging up my shingle” experience. First day in the office and what do I see? ANTS! I like ants so little that I insist on being Aunty (Ahn-tee) Amber, not Aunt (Ant) Amber. I do not want to be compared to a small bug (or insect… or whatever they are).

After almost 7 years, I recognize myself to bea slow learner and began to wonder what I can learn from these small creatures. God speaks in the Proverbs “go to the ant you sluggard, Observe her ways and be wise” and “The ants are not a strong people, But they prepare their food in the summer…” Look at the ants. They work together. When there is work to do, they do it. I don’t usually see ants in an argument regarding who is going to pick up the crumb. (Maybe they do argue and I am not aware enough to see it).

Then I started thinking bigger. Ants are everywhere. In almost every climate, all terrain, throughout the countries of the world. They are in the homes of princes and in the homes of paupers. They are in business that are multimillion dollar corporations and in small start-up therapy offices. You recognize them by their distinct appearance and behavior.

I think that this is what God wants us to be as Christians. I think he wants us to do our work with diligence. To infiltrate all areas of the world to where we spread him to the largest of offices and the smallest of bungalows. To where someone moves to a new area and recognizes the Christians by their appearance and the work they do. “Look at the quality of their work, they must be a Christ follower.”

So maybe, just maybe I might be willing to forgive the ant. Instead of insisting that they stay out of my home and work area, instead recognize that they are doing their God given job, often much better than I.

This week I challenge you. Find the ants around you and watch them. See how they move and how they do their work, and consider, what is your God given job that you can work at more diligently?

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