Get your knee off the button! ~ Cindy Cain

Sep 22, 2014

So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed in him, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” ~ John 8:31, 32 

One day when Trey was elementary school aged, we had some errands to run. Trey and I stayed in the car while Tara and Amber ran into the store to pick up the necessary items. The car we had at the time had electric windows. Being before the time of mobile phones, I rolled down the windows and was lost in thought while Trey amused himself. I was jolted out of my musing by Trey yelling! His head had gotten caught in the electric window as it rolled up. I immediately lowered the window releasing him (no harm done). He was so angry with me! When I asked why he was so angry, he replied that it wasn’t funny for me to shut his head in the window as a joke. I was shocked! I would never have done that and told him so. When we investigated to see how this possibly could have happened, we figured out that when he had climbed up to put his head out the window, his knee accidentally hit the button, thus rolling up the window.

I have thought of that story throughout the years. At times I see an individual who has run into trouble, is suffering, whose life appears to be a mess, or perhaps they have just become resigned to their situation. They blame someone, something, or the system for their problems, not realizing that they “have their knee on the button” and poor choices are leading to them “being caught.” I have found myself more than once in a similar situation.

In the above verse, the sentiment sounds so easy: “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” There are times when we have ah-ha! moments that lead us past snags in life. However, there are also AH-HA!!! moments that lift the veil of years of denial from our eyes that show us we have had our “knee on the button” for years. Even though the present way of being may be painful, it is also comfortable because it is familiar. Amber used to say tongue-in-cheek, “I liked living in hell, because I knew the names of all the streets.” After all, if we don’t live and do what we have always lived and done, what do we do instead?

First and foremost, stay close to God. After that, it depends. Sometimes reading an excellent self-help book is exactly what we need (Cloud & Townsend have written some of the books most helpful to me). Other times talking with a safe person who has gone through what it is we are struggling with and is further along the path of healing is what we need. Sometimes our problems are much larger than that. It is times like those that a trained professional may help. We need to find a counselor with experience in the problem we are working through. There are also family crisis centers and shelters in most neighborhoods.

The point is – we need to pursue healing!!! With safety in mind, if one way or counselor does not work, then admit that truth and change to another. Don’t resign. We have the power to rewrite our family tree! Our children will not have to repeat the same unhealthy way of living. Don’t give up! The stakes are too high!

Let’s pray: Ah, Lord, God – Father. Please give us hearts willing to be free. Please open our eyes to see your truth, the courage to pursue healing, and the tenacity to not give up. Protect us on our healing journeys. Watch over our children. Help us to become the type of person that we want our children to become as we follow you. In Jesus name, Amen

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