The Easy Button ~ Tara Cole

Mar 30, 2015

Several times recently I have been asked how I do it all. The simple answer is, I don’t. If you see me firing on all cylinders in one area, it’s because I’m hitting the easy button in another. Isn’t that phrase so much nicer than “failing” or “dropping the ball?” “Easy button” sounds deliberate, and often times for me it is.

When Jeremy travels it is especially hard. In late January Jeremy was on his second week of travel, and it was taking its toll on my #2 son. He threw huge nuclear fits, hurt his brother on purpose, and refused to talk to Jeremy on the phone. And to beat it all the poor guy woke up that Thursday morning throwing up. It was a rough week.
Since as a friend recently told me, “Right is right no matter what,” when I had asked her how to handle the boys’ acting out while Jeremy was gone, I tried using lots of Love and Logic phrases like, “Oh, no that so sad you’re throwing a fit. It is such a drain on mommy’s energy. What are you going to do to put it back?” Then he got to do chores to help put my energy back. This is sometimes more draining on me than him, but he gets the point. Slowly at times. 
While towing the line in the area of discipline that week, I had to hit the easy button in other areas. On Friday, I had laundry on my table from three days before. The bathrooms hadn’t been cleaned or anything dusted. Home cooked meals? Nope. We totally ate take out that week.

As much as I wish it was, that week was not an isolated incident. Like you, there are many, many weeks when I have to hit the easy button in some areas to succeed in others. Maybe a project requires immediate attention so the kids have to watch TV more than normal. Or people are coming over and the house must get cleaned so writing and other projects have to slide. It’s all give and take. Pushing the Easy Button in one area, so you can focus and succeed in another. 

Mama, even though it’s only Monday, I know you’re probably having a hard week, too. I know you’re probably just as worn out as I am. Why don’t we start this week by giving ourselves grace? We can’t possibly do it all, all the time. Then lets seek God’s will for this day. Lately, He is showing me the importance of asking for my “daily bread.” The words, information, insight, ideas… that I need today. Ask Him which areas need to be top priority today and in which areas you can push the Easy Button. Ask Him to provide what you need today. He delights in answering prayers of this kind and always answers abundantly. Trust him and try it. I dare you!


The mission of OverACup is to help you soak up Jesus and pour him out into the lives around you. So how can you do that when you’re overwhelmed and pushing the Easy Button in many areas today? 

One way I do it is to thank God out loud for the little things. I may not have had time to do our daily devo today, but I try to thank Him for the warm sunny day out loud where my kids can hear. I also may not be able to parent hard today, but I can try my best to take a deep breath and will empathy into my voice when my son bumps his head for the unpteenth time. 

Small steps, mama, small steps. What are ways you pour Jesus into those around you even on busy days? Please share your ideas in the comments below. 

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