It’s Not Just You

Sep 9, 2015

mother and son

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. ~ Phil. 4:13

I am currently in St George, Romania. One thing I see is that all parents have struggles, and most are the same struggles.

Around the world mothers are asking how to raise their children “right.”

Around the world mothers are trying to balance responsibilities.

Around the world mothers are asking themselves if they have what it takes.

And the answer to the final question is no.

This may seem to be depressing news, but it is the truth. On your own you do not have what it takes to raise your child.

It is through God that parents have the strength to set the boundary one more time, to pick up a hurt child one more time, to wake up in the middle of the night one more time. When we lose the connection and try to do it on our own, we reach burnout. As children of God, we are meant to depend on him the way children depend on us.

This week take time with God. Allow him to comfort you the way that you comfort your children, snuggle into him for safety and security, and allow him to recharge you for one more day.

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