Learning to Sit with Jesus

Dec 29, 2015

time with God


I struggle with daily quiet time. I know. One of the queens of Quiet Time is not supposed to struggle with it, right? I do. Frequently.

When I look at a list of studies like the one in my post from a few weeks ago, sometimes I begin to feel overwhelmed. I wonder, where should I start? What is the message God wants for me to hear right now?

They all look so good!

I find myself thinking, I really need loved on and fed, so I’ll choose If:Equip with Jenny. But I need to check out SheReadsTruth for my readers, so I’ll do that one instead. But, I’m struggling with fighting off Satan’s lies, so I need to sit down and SOAP some of God’s truths…

The inner dialogue is frustrating! Instead of committing any of them, I find myself hopping from study to study like a child on Christmas morning, or worse I chose none at all.

I really desire to just sit at Jesus’ feet. I want so much to be in His presence and soak Him in. I’m a weary mama who knows she doesn’t have all the answers, and I’m in desperate need of someone who does. But as I sit as His feet, instead of leaning into Him to hear what He has to say, I question if I’m in the right place. If I’m hearing the message He wants for me right now.

As I sat down to do my quiet time last week, I wrote in my journal “Where do you want me, God?” and immediately the reply came, “I want you here with me.”

In that moment, I realized time spent with God is never wasted. {Tweet that!}

Just like my husband can communicate he loves me via text, email, face-to-face, a hug, flowers…a hundred different ways, God can do the same.

If God needs me to hear the message that He sees me, it doesn’t matter if I flip open my Bible, listen to Jenny Allen, or read a blog post, He’s going to communicate the message He wants me to hear. He’ll send it to me, and often He does, in many more ways than just my quiet time.

The important thing is to kneel as his feet, so we can hear from Him.

Today, let’s commit to each other that we’ll focus on making time to just sit with Jesus. We won’t let the choices overwhelm us, but instead show up and trust Him to speak the message we need to hear.

Will you join me? My usually time is mornings or nap times. What’s yours?


Do you find it hard to study the Bible?

It doesn’t have to be.

Let me help you learn a technique for studying that makes it simple. Join me as we study one chapter each week and memorize two verses of scripture each month.

You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes in your life.

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