FMF: Common

Nov 11, 2016

Okay, so I haven’t done this in a year. But here it goes…


Lately, I’ve felt like my words are common. Like everything that there is to say has been said by someone else, and said better. I know, I know, but “it hasn’t been said by you! In your voice.” True. But there it is. I still feel common.

I want to break past common. I want to be, do, something extraordinary. To write words that move people. Move women, closer to God. “Nearer my God to Thee…” is the song on my heart and I want to pass that song on to others. Especially other women. Other hurting women.

When you’re living in the black hole and there feels like no escape, you feel so common. Not special. None someone would spend time on. Definitly no one somone would die for. But I want to take those precious faces in my hands and whisper words of hope. Of healing. To let them know they are anything but common. I have been there, and my Savoir met me there.

He came to the dark and sat down beside me. He allowed me to weep. He sang tenderly over me. And slowly he gave me a new song to sing. And step by step I walked with him back to the light. Not common.

A precious daughter. A princess.

I’m going to begin participating in Five Minute Friday over on Kate’s blog to give myself a little break from my regular writing on  Five Minute Friday is writing for five minutes no stopping no editing. If you’d like to read more posts on the word Trust , come join us on Kate’s blog. We’d love to have you! 

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  1. Lesley

    Visiting from FMF. Your words blessed me today and the dream to use your words to let hurting women know how precious they are to God is a beautiful one. So many people need to hear that message.

    • tlcole14

      Thank you so much for your encouragement, Lesley!

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