FMF: Middle

Jan 13, 2017




Right now “middle” describes my world well. We’re in the middle ages especially with my two youngest. Not a baby for one or a little kid for the other, but also not big enough to do all the “cool” stuff. This middle is hard.

We’re also in the middle with attitudes. There are those times when the growth gets easy for a minute…but right now we’re in the middle with two of our boys. Having to do attitude boot camp and that’s just plain hard.

I’m also in the middle in writing. In the middle of drafts and revision. On Monday I begin revising a draft I’ve been working on for months. I love revision, but it’s still a middle. Trying to see the big picture before getting into the nitty-gritty details.

I’m also in the middle with my blogs. Trying to figure out what my audiences need most, how my time and writing is best spent, even how it should be presented, another hard middle.

But the middle is where we learn. Where we grow. With no middle there would be no growth, no reason to grow. Though it is hard, the middle is where lessons are learned, where ground is won, when we learn the most about ourselves and the plans God has for us….end.

I’m  participating in Five Minute Friday over on Kate’s blog to give myself a little break from my regular writing on  Five Minute Friday is writing for five minutes, one word, no stopping no editing. If you’d like to read more posts on the word for this week, come join us on Kate’s blog. We’d love to have you! 

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  1. Lesley

    So true, being in the middle can be tough, but it is the place where we often learn and grow and we have to go through the middle to reach our destination.

    • tlcole14

      Yes, so true!

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