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Place. When I think of “place” it brings to mind our moving journey 4 years ago when I felt like we had no place.

It began when my second son was born in 2011, and we decided to sell our house just a few months later. Thankfully, we were able to sell it empty because my husband’s job took us to Hawaii for several months. That trip set us off on a 3 state, 5 location, 2 year journey to find our “place.”

When you’re displaced it can be so hard to feel connected. But during that time, I learned to be connected and find my place in God. I think that’s the lesson he needed me to learn while we were displaced.

I had become so comfortable in my place in our old community–9 years, good friends, a church that “fed” us as newly weds. It was time to move on and spread what we had learned, but we were reluctant to leave our place, so God finally said, “Go!”

I’m so thankful he did. At the time I wasn’t. During that journey, there were many dark days filled with depression–in our Oklahoma City apartment after Hawaii…

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12 thoughts on “Place”

  1. Hi Tara, I can relate to moving in the midst of growing your family. I struggled in many ways when we left Italy and moved back to PA. So glad for you that God helped you get settled in your new place. Keep Writing! Blessings, Julie #27


  2. Hi Tara. Even though I haven’t moved around much at all, I understand what it feels like to be disconnected. Strangely enough, that’s happened to me living in the same place for all but 2 years of my life. Sounds like both you and I felt connection at church–what a blessing! I’m visiting from FMF, and I’m #40 this week.


  3. I agree, it’s often the times when we feel out of place or disconnected from others that we learn to really draw close to God and find our place in him. As you say, it’s hard at the time but sometimes we can see the benefits looking back.


  4. Oklahoma aer Hawaii….yeah, I’d be saying, “God, Dude…SERIOUSLY?”

    I’ve lived in so many places I have lost count. I’ve left a part of me in a lot of them, and it hurt, especially when the ‘part’ was a dead brother.

    But it will all be made up, and completed in beauty, in a place far from here. Of that I have no doubt.

    #1 at FMF this week.


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