If anything right now, I feel so unsettled. I SHOULD feel settled. We’ve been in our house for 5 years. We have a good church home, family close, secure jobs (should I say that out loud???)

But inside I always feel so unsettled.

I recently told my husband I’m a “Doer.” I’m terrible at just “Being.” Of just sitting still. I’m the same way in my life. I’m terrible at just being. Of just going to work and coming home, taking care of my kids…Yes, that should be enough, but it never is. I even tried for it to be enough last fall. Thus, why I haven’t been doing FMF in so long.

My experiment last Fall was to just be. To just go to work, take care of my kids, to not try to do extra. I COULDN’T do it. It was nice to not have the “should’s” following me around about how I should be on Medium, I should be posting more to Instagram, I should…. But the ideas wouldn’t leave.

The muse would not stop tapping me on the shoulder. So you know what I did, I invented more work for myself at school. So now I lead a meeting once a month, just because I can’t be. AND as you can see I’m back writing.

So settled, I’m terrible at it. For me it’s just learning to manage those voices and letting go of the stress-inducing “shoulds” along the way.

Five Minute Friday (FMF) is where writers from all over join together to write on one word for 5 minutes. No editing, no longer. Just a five minute free write. Sounds good? Come join us:


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