The ocean reminds me of how big God is. I can’t stand at the edge without the reminder that I am so little, yet my big God can hold this vast ocean in his hands.

Like my life the ocean can seem calm and peaceful, even inviting, at times. Then other times it can seem totally out of control. It is in those moments that I’m thankful that I serve a God who can calm storms and calm my heart (Luke 8:22-25).

When I stay connected to him on a daily basis, when I abide in him, his words are there to calm my heart the moment the storm comes. I’ve learned in the calm times to hold to him, and those roots pulls me through the hard times.

Just this week, I was getting ready to go into full on freak out over a situation I cannot control, then a Bible class teacher’s words reminded me who my rock is and where my salvation comes from. If I had not been there to hear his words, if that habit of abiding in Jesus wasn’t there, I would still be on a downward spiral instead of seeking God to calm the storm in my heart.

I love how God’s creation constantly point me toward him, oceans, rocks, storms, all point to the God who made them and remind me to look to him, too.

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