Wise for Salvation

Feb 21, 2019

Wise for Salvation by Christie Thomas is a devotional book for ages 1-6. It’s not just a Bible storybook, though it does have many, many Bible stories in it. Instead, it looks at a single Bible story for five days and allows your kids to interact with that story in a variety of ways. Love!

For example, to teach them about day 1 of creation, Christie suggests on Day 1 of the study to go into a dark room and turn off the light. Then say, “Let there be light!” and flip on the light. My three-year-old loved this! Weeks later he still asks to do the “light story.”

Each week has similar activities. Acting the story out, asking age-appropriate questions, building, and playing are all different ways to meet your kids’ needs to not just listen but to do and play.

This devotional is appropriate for younger kids, but older kids might enjoy some of the acting out ideas and questions, too. Get your copy here!

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