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Christy Nockels

Christy Nockels

Oh, friends! In the last year, I have discovered Christy Nockels’ music. It is such a sweet, calming breath to my day.

Her most recent CD Be Held is just like being held in a peaceful embrace. I love to listen to it while I’m writing (like right now!), doing dishes, or pretty much any time I need some peace in the background of my life.

Christy’s lyrics also speak truth to me like her song “Always Remember to Never Forget”:

“Like a treasure in the deep, your heart is a diamond
And your hero will do what it takes to find it
So he can hold it tenderly, and become your defender
Even lay down his life, to make your heart heal.”

I love how she reminds us here how much we are loved. Often her lyrics help me fight off Satan’s lies with God’s truth.

If you need music that will speak truth to and leave you feeling held and at peace, listen to Christy Nockels today. You can find her on your favorite app or check out more on her website here.


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