Keys for Kids

Apr 4, 2019

This is one of my new favorite resources! Keys for Kids is a podcast for kids, but so much more.

My sons and I listen to their podcast every morning on the way to school. They like it because it has a story for them, and I like it because it shares a truth about God, a verse, and a devotional thought about the story. It’s also a great way to helps us spend time with God together since our mornings are so rushed.

The podcast is best for ages 3-11, however, you might preview some of the topics by looking at the episode information, since 1 out of about every 50 topics is more school age appropriate. Though, even the difficult topics are handled well and with a Godly perspective that kids can learn from.

Keys for Kids also has a website, radio station, and app. On the website, they have links to all their media and resources such as games, apps, stories, radio, devotionals, and products for sale. The radio station has songs for kids of all ages along with different stories and presentations.

Across their platforms, Keys for Kids has content for young children through teens, so it’s important to preview any new material you’re using to make sure it’s appropriate for your child’s age. I made the mistake of just playing Red Rock Mysteries without previewing it first. Though, it was well done and had a great perspective, since it was a mystery with teens as the main characters, it ended up being a little scary for my PreK son, though the older boys liked it. I’ll probably save it until they are all a little older.

If you’re looking for a resource where all your kids can find something to like and learn about God, check out Keys for Kids! Click here to go to their website.


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