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Podcast: Chatologie

When I listen to the Chatologie podcast with Angie Elkins, I can be sure of a warm welcome from someone who understands my challenges, and I can laugh with along the way.

We all need that friend whom we can laugh with and who brightens our days. Angie Elkins is that friend. Whether she is interviewing authors, speakers, or her personal friends, the topics they cover are relevant to my life as a woman, wife, and mom, and leave me with good ideas for my own life mixed with a sense of humor.

Just today I listened to Chatologie and the guest was Amy Hale. From that episode, #94, I learned some tangible ways to begin to handle difficult people in my life. I loved Amy’s suggestion to first bring the person and situation to God in prayer to let him give me insight and to soften my heart.

All of the Chatologie episodes are like that. From Angie’s interviews with others, I always have something to carry with me throughout the day and apply to my own life.

If you need a friend to laugh with and help you through your day, check out Chatologie with Angie Elkins on your favorite podcast app. You’ll be hooked from the first note of the introduction song.


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