One of the hardest things for me has been to sort through all the noise to find the most helpful parenting ideas. There are so many out there and often they contradict each other. Augh!

That’s why I love Sally and Clay Clarkson’s book, The Life-Giving Parent. It doesn’t give me another how-to list to follow, though they do share practical ideas. Instead, they share principles that have worked for their family over the years.

These principles have helped me to see how important it is to not just give head knowledge to my kids but to also lead them into a relationship with Christ. Principles like: how to number our child’s days, guard their hearts, and strengthen their faith.

If you don’t need another how-to manual, but do need a book to help you apply God-based ideas to the children God gave you, check out The Life-Giving Table. You’ll be so glad you did!

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How can we Build a Foundation of Faith in our Families?


By Abiding in Jesus.

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