Podcast: Million Praying Moms

May 30, 2019

For years I have followed Brooke McGlothlin and Erin Mohring as a member of The MOBSociety (Mothers of Boys). I have found encouragement from their blog posts, Boyraiser Tribe Membership, and books. The one thing that was missing was a podcast.

Now they have one! But it’s not just for Moms of boys, it’s for every mom who desires to help her kids build a strong relationship with God.

Million Praying Moms is a podcast, prayer journal, and a movement, to get moms on their knees for their children. As they say, “Prayer is not our last resort. It’s our first and best response.”

Through the podcast, they encourage moms to seek God’s help and build community.

I love how over the years Brooke’s writing has pointed me to Jesus with books like Praying for Boys [link review–do I have one?] and The Gospel Centered Mom [link review]. I know the new Million Praying Moms podcast will do the same.

If you need some encouragement to seek God through prayer on behalf of your children and to surround yourself with a community of moms, check out the Million Praying Moms podcast.

Do you need more ideas to help your family develop a lifetime of faith? Click the link below to discover 6 ideas today that I use with my family.

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