10 Best Books for Christmas

Nov 28, 2019

Finding Christmas gifts can be a struggle. I am one of those who never knows what to get anyone, unless I get books. Books are my favorite as my coffee tables, bookcases, and nightstands will attest. Each year I buy way more books than I could possibly read and frequently read 10+ at once. Yes, that is not a typo.

Anyway, here are my 5 favorite books for the children and the women in your life. Enjoy!

Top 5 Books for Children

The Biggest Story

By Kevin DeYoung

Ill. by Don Clark

My son received this book as a gift for his birthday. We loved the way it continuously points to Jesus from the beginning to the end. The 12 Bible stories selected all show Jesus as the Savoir we had been waiting for from the very start. The illustrations are simply gorgeous! Works of art themselves. (Ages 5-10)

The Jesus Storybook Bible

by Sally Lloyd-Jones

Ill. by Jago

This one is a perennial favorite for good reason. Sally’s telling of the Bible story classics points to Jesus, while Jago’s illustrations make this one the whole family will like. It is a great addition to your advent reading as the first 24 stories count down perfectly to Christmas. (Ages 3-8)


by Louis Giglio

Ill. by Nicola Anderson

My kids love science, and this book is the perfect blend of devotions and science. Each reading has a verse, devotional, prayer, and related science fact. If you want your little scientist to see God in nature, this one is for you! (Ages 5-12)

The Action Bible

Editor Doug Mauss

Ill. Sergio Cariello

Here’s one for the older kids. My boys love comics and for a long time, I struggled to get them into the Bible. Sergio’s comic illustrations bring the Bible stories to life in a true to the Bible way. It even references the Bible passage it is from for deeper learning. My sons love this Bible and often fall asleep reading it. (Ages 7-14)

Quinn’s Promise Rock

By Christie Thomas

Ill. by Sydney Hanson

Now one for the young kids. If your kids struggle with anxiety and need a reminder that God is near, this book is for them. As Quinn learns about God’s presence, your kids will learn how God is constantly present for them. Your kids will fall in love with the precious illustrations of Quinn. (Ages 1-7)

Top 5 Books for Women

Beholding and Becoming

By Ruth Chou Simons

This book is gorgeous! Ruth’s illustrations feel like a breath of peace as her writing gently points you back to God and worshiping him. If someone you love needs to go deeper with God, this is the perfect book!

The Middle Matters

By Lisa-Jo Baker

In her newest book, Lisa-Jo helps us to see the ordinary as something special. She gives us new glasses for viewing our kids, friends, marriage, and even faith. Through her lens, you can look around and see how special these middle years really are.

Mom Heart Moments

By Sally Clarkson

Sally has been one of my favorite authors and speakers for years. Many of her books have been on my favorites lists and this one is a perfect addition this year. In her 365 daily devotionals, she gives a verse, devotional thought, and questions to help point us back to Jesus as we mother our children. I gifted this one to a friend recently, and she can’t stop talking about it. Love!

We Will Feast

By Kendall Vanderslice

I’m only a few chapters into this book and already I’m intrigued and convicted. The way she helps us rethink food and worship helps give a new perspective to both. I will never look at communion or the daily food I eat the same.


By Tara L. Cole (me!)

I’m so excited to finally get this book into your hands! It helps you discover 40 ways to connect with Jesus throughout your day. Each chapter takes only a few minutes to read and implement, but the benefits are long-lasting. Learn how to invite Jesus in and find peace in the chaos.

I hope you enjoy this year’s list! The links above are affiliate links. When you purchase from them, you help the ministry here at no additional cost to you. Win-win!

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