OverACup Podcast: Introduction Episode

Jul 6, 2020

Hello, Welcome to the OverACup podcast! I’m your host Tara Cole. This podcast is for moms, who feel too busy, distracted, and tired to spend time with Jesus, much less to help their kids do the same. This podcast will help you fight distractions and find the time as we focus on Jesus together. 

As Moms one of our biggest goals is to see our kids get to heaven, but we can’t introduce them to a God we don’t know ourselves. But between drop off and pick up lines, practices, and activities, when are we to find the time? 

Does your day sound something like this? 

You wake up and hit snooze just one more time. You grab a quick shower before getting the kids out of bed and try to get breakfast into them before they run out the door to school. 

Then you rush off to your job or a long to-do list that keeps you running until you rush back to school to pick them up just before the pick up line ends. Then you get some supper into them before practice and hope it was enough. They get home just about bed time and after a round of whack-a-mole bedtime routine, you fall into bed exhausted wondering where the time went. 

What if it didn’t have to be that way? What if instead of feeling like Jesus was one more thing on your already bulging to-do list, you accepted his invitation to walk with him throughout your day? It is possible. There is hope! 

Through the stories of other women, solo episodes with practical ideas, and helpful resources, I hope to help you feel encouraged, inspired, equipped to not only deepen your relationship with Jesus but to help your family do the same. We’ll meet here every other Tuesday to learn how to focus on Jesus together. 

Friends, I know it is hard to focus on Jesus in today’s world with so many things pulling us in 100 directions and saying, “Look at me!” 

I know it’s hard to hear Jesus’ still small voice with all the distractions and calendar reminders buzzing loud in our ears. 

I know it’s hard to keep our eyes on him when they just can’t stay open after another long exhausting day. 

I’m here to help us not add one more event to our calendar but to accept Jesus’ invitation to abide in him.

Over the next months we’re going to hear from Moms as they share their God Stories where they saw God show up in their lives in big and small ways. We’ll hear how they stayed faithful when it was hard and how they stayed connected to Jesus. 

We’ll also take aim at some of the biggest challenges to focusing on Jesus like daily distractions, no time, exhaustion,… and learn strategies for overcoming them and saying “Yes!” To Jesus. 

I’m Tara Cole. I’ve been married almost 20 years and mom to three active boys, who keep me running from sun up to sun down. I work full time as a writing instructor at a local university and am an author of two books. Abide:40 Ways to Focus on Jesus Daily and Sacred Pathways for Kids written with Christie Thomas. I’ve been blogging and writing on connecting with Jesus for over ten years most recently at taralcole.com. 

In my own life I’ve seen how having a relationship with Jesus can help make children resilient and face hard life circumstances. I’ve seen how my own mom’s relationship with Jesus lived out in the everyday helped me overcome hard times and develop a lifetime of faith. That’s my desire for us and our kids. That we focus on Jesus and help our kids learn how to do the same. 

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Thank you so much for being here with me! Pour yourself a cup as we begin to learn how to focus on Jesus together. 


Abide: 40 Ways to Focus on Jesus Daily

Sacred Pathways for Kids with Christie Thomas

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It doesn’t have to be.

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