During some seasons of life, it seems like this world has gone crazy! The chaos in our personal life or the world around us can be overwhelming and distract us from God. 

That was Melody’s life in early 2020 and she, like all of us during that time, wondered where to turn. She found her comfort in intercessory prayer. It might sound like a big, fancy term, but it simply means interceding on behalf of another. Taking one another to Jesus’ feet. 

However, instead of stopping her busy life as a homeschooling mom and homesteader, God showed her how to pray and intercede even as she went about her day. Love that! 

If you feel weighed down by life and wonder if there is time to pray amid the interruptions and distractions, this episode is for you! 


About Melody: 

Melody Buller lives in rural Georgia with her husband Jeff and their three amazing children. She’s a homeschooling mama, and leads worship at Lasting Impact Church. Melody is passionate about prayer, worship, and teaching. Her heart’s desires are to see her children growing in their identity in Christ, and see believers everywhere learning to walk in unity, as we reach a lost and hurting world.

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