Fully Known is Bible Study Journal that will help you experience God’s presence and connect with Him consistently. 

Created especially for busy women who have no time and struggle with consistency and follow through.

Because you can build a lifetime of faith, even in the middle of your crazy busy life! 

Learn How to:

  • Enjoy God’s presence regularly

  • Discover the one who knows you best and loves you most

  • Achieve consistency in your walk with God

  • Cultivate time with God that adapts to your season of life


  • LOOK Study Method – Adapts to the time you have and the season of life you’re in! 
  • Daily Study Journal – Guided in-depth study of Psalm 139 so you come to know God’s word intimately in the time you have. 

  • Verses Graphics for all of Psalm 139 – Hang them up, color, and meditate on God’s word. 
  • Online Course – To help you dig deeper and have encouragement and accountability

At the end, you’ll discover that you can enjoy a deep relationship with God using the time you have!


God can do a lot with your little! 

Make 2021 the year you begin to connect with God regularly! 

Many women want to spend time with Jesus but they are unsure how to begin or where to find the time.

Fully Known will help you take baby steps to understand God’s word with the guided study and help you find the time with our Quick Start method.


Learn how to find the time and be consistent in your walk with God!



It’s all very Word centered and practical- two things that I appreciate so much! I would be happy to take women through this study.


What I LOVE is that you give good depth on significant words in the verses without going super academic. People will learn, but not feel overwhelmed.


 Get your Fully Known Bible Study Pack! 

As you begin 2021, join me as we learn how to: 


  • Enjoy God’s presence regularly

  • Discover the one who knows us best and loves us most

  • Achieve consistency in our walk with God

  • Cultivate time with God that adapts to our seasons of life




  • How much time will this memory verse and Bible Study journal take?
    • Reading Plan: About 5 – 15 min a day. You can always spend more time if you’d like.
    • Memory Verses: In 2021 our OverACup Facebook group will memorize 1 verse about every two weeks. If you have at least five minutes a day, you’ll do great! If you want to go faster or spend more time, the journal is easily adaptable.
  • What if I don’t have Facebook? It’s helpful but not necessary. The Online Course will be hosted on another platform.
  • If I don’t memorize all of Psalm 139, will this journal still work for me? Yes! It helps to memorize the verses and go deeper, but you will still get a lot from the in-depth study even if you never memorize one verse. Though I find, with this type of study, I can’t help but memorize the verses. 
  • What if I can’t do this study every day? That’s the beauty of doing Fully Known with our group this year! If you can do it daily great, but if you have more time on the weekends, you can easily do it then instead.
  • What is the difference between “The Bible Study Pack” and “Ebook”? The Pack includes the Ebook, graphics for all 24  verses, plus videos about the Context and Background and each section of Psalm 139. You’ll also find discussion boards in the online course where you can share your ideas and read what others learned. The Ebook is a study on your own tool that you can print out.
  • Can I share this with a friend? Yes, please refer her to taralcole.com/shop to purchase her own copy.
  • Can I study Fully Known with a group? Yes! If you have 10 or more in your group, please email me at tlcole@overacup.org for group rates. 
  • More questions? Please email me at tlcole@overacup.org


If you’re not 100% satisfied with this memorization and Bible study journal after 30 days, I will offer you a full refund, promise!

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