In Hawaii…

Jan 22, 2008

So what does one do for six weeks in Hawaii? Well let me tell you, not much : ) For our anniversery and Christmas we went to Kauai which was really nice. We got to see Kauai by helicopter, boat, and hiking. If you ever go and you’re prone to become green easily, be warned–hiking is your best bet.
Here’s the Napai Coast all three ways:


and Hiking

We’ve been in Oahu since the 26th of December. When we’re here Jeremy works 10-12 days, and I get to be a housewife and work on my one class. After a crazy year last year, I’m very thankful for the break! Maybe Jer will get a break after this job is done : )

On the weekends we get to go to the beach and grill out. I love getting out of the apartment and the city. It’s so lovely to just sit and relax, play in the water, or go on a hike. Here’s some pictures of our last few weekends…

Jeremy and Gary putting the grill together-

A hermit crab I found-

Jeremy grilling-

A view from our hike to the tip of Oahu-

Watching surfers-

This past weekend we didn’t get to do anything since the airport system kept crashing, and Jeremy had to go fix it several times a day. But we might get to go to Maui this weekend and drive the road to Hana. It’s supposed to be gorgeous. We’ll see, though. For the most part I never know what’s coming from one day to the next, which drives the planner in me crazy! But it is Hawaii, and I am getting a break from working like crazy, so I’ll enjoy it while it lasts : )

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