Jan 29, 2008

There is not a picture with this post because my computer ate it. Grrrr….
We went to the beach yesterday and cooked out. Then on our way back around the island we stopped off to take more pictures. At one the beaches Jer tried to throw me in the water and just after I got away from him, a wave came and soaked him instead. The pictures were really funny (one of Jer’s co-workers took them) I’m sorry you missed them but Sam (my computer) was apparently hungry and ate them all up. Luckily, Jer’s co-worker took pics of almost everything I did so I can get copies, but sadly the really funny pics of Jer dragging me to the water and him getting it, are lost and gone forever. Oh, don’t we so love technology. It’s progress you know : )

I could quite honestly scream right now.

Besides that today was lovely. I saw a rainbow out our window–Yes, I took a picture, and yes, I just looked that ones gone too–and I went to Starbucks. Now I’m waiting on Jer to get home from the airport, hopefully soon.

Well, we didn’t get to go to Maui this past weekend, so maybe this next one will work. We never know what is going to happen from one week to the next, well even one hour to the next, really. Just on Thursday, I put a pork loin in the crock pot and then at three Jer called me, and I hopped a bus to the Airport to go out to eat with some people who had flown in from the mainland. Then Friday I was in the movies watching 27 Dresses (which is really cute and funny), when he texted and said we were going out to the Hula Grill in Waikiki for dinner with some more people from the mainland. Luckily, the movie was almost over, so I got to finish it before one of the installers came and picked me up.

So Hawaii is very nice, and warm, but the planner in me goes nuts some days. Actually, I think she should just pick up and go home early, she’s not doing me much good right now. Anyone want to house her for a few weeks (if you accidentally buried her in your backyard I don’t think I’d miss her too much.)

Well ttfn. Right now it looks like I’ll be home by the end of February. See you all soon (maybe) 🙂

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