Home again, home again….well in a few weeks.

Feb 7, 2008

Well, we’re preparing to head back to Oklahoma the weekend after Valentines Day.(No we did not plan it that way!) There is so much I still want to see and do before we leave the islands. It looks like Maui has fallen through completly, since the airport can’t keep it together for a weekend, but oh well, there’s pleanty to do on Oahu yet.
Here’s my list:
1. Aloha Staduim Swap Meet
2. Meet the players, Pro Bowl (wishful thinking)
3. Manoa Water Fall
4. Dole Plantation
5. Missiouri Memorial (I may just wait for Amber and Patrick)
6. Al Moana Center (they have wonderful pastry shop there)
7. Waikiki, just one more time
8. Foster’s Botanical Gardens
9. And maybe take a rental car around the island for a day

So much to do and so little time! I know it sounds like I have pleanty of time left, but, really nowadays most of the time I’m working on school work. It’s my last Master’s class and the over achiever in me won’t let it go, no matter where I’m at. We’ll see, I might just have to save some of it for next time, if I can ever drag Jer back : )

This past weekend we went to an outlet mall down the road. I was in heaven! Discount Levis, Skechers, you name it! I got 2 pairs of Levis for the price of one back home. I also got a couple of Crazy Shirt T-shirts for just $15 together at their outlet store. Normally their $30 a piece! I also found some discount chocolate, Yum!
This picture is for Tiffany. They even had a outlet for Saks 5th Ave:

Last week Jeremy surprised me by bringing home some ochids. They are so pretty! I’ll have to leave them here, but I might pick up a bulb in the airport on the way home.

A few days ago I got experimental with my lunch. Here’s a picture of my shrimp or “prawns,” eyeballs and all : )

Just a few more weeks till we get home, yeah! Hawaii is lovely, but we both can’t wait to be home. Well, Jer has to come back here for a few more weeks, but he’s so close to being done with this job. See you all in two weeks!

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