The Youngest Pack Leader…

Mar 26, 2010

Yesterday I began working on making Ethan a pack leader over the dogs. I had him help me feed them. To do that he sat by the food bowls to show the dogs the food was his and not theirs. It went pretty well. Sunni wouldn’t even eat out of her bowl till we had given it to her and Ethan was away from it. Then I practiced them giving up their food bowls to us. I want to work on it now when I’m with him, so if he tries to take something from them later, they won’t snap at him.

I didn’t know I could love Ethan anymore, but it’s like in the last few days I do. I guess it’s because he seems more like a person now that he is beginning to do a few things on purpose or with intent. Most of what he’s done till now has been nature. But yesterday, the way he was trying to talk seemed like there was intent and choices being made. It’s weird to explain. It was really cute. I love that little boy so much and feel honored that God would choose me to be his mom. I absolutely love being a mom. I never knew just how much I would enjoy it. Especially now that it’s nice enough to take him outside, well not today but the last few days, and I can begin to see him interacting with things around him. I really love watching him grow and learn new things.

These pics Natalie took of Ethan, Axel, and Kenron hanging out. They are best buds, though they don’t know if yet : ) They are all so cute together. And it is so much fun watching Axel and Ethan become more aware of each other each week.

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