Ethan had his first honest-to-goodness fit on the way home from Dallas. Ugh! He has been doing pretty well for several months. If he cries, it’s because he’s tired, hungry, or needs one of us. Pretty predictable and easy to solve. Ha! That has now ended.

Of course it was right after I thought, “He’s such a sweet and precious little boy. I can’t ever imagine him being ugly, saying ‘I hate you,’ or throwing a temper fit.” Yes, I can see your knowing grins from here.

On our way home, we stopped on the far side of Denton for gas and snacks, and I decided to change Ethan’s diaper. This was my first mistake. He was perfectly happy in his seat. After he had fun out of his seat, he was less than happy about going back. Usually, though, he only fusses for a minute or so, especially if we turn on his song, Chris Brown’s “Forever.” However, this time nothing would get him to stop, and after a while his cries started to sound desperate.
Previously if he was acting like this, he would be hungry. So even though it wasn’t quite time to eat again, we pulled over so I could feed him. He ate a little but was much more interested in everything outside of the car and playing with us. Finally, I gave up and put him back in his seat.

This is when IT happened. A full out temper tantrum. It lasted for miles! Ethan’s cries again started to sound desperate, but I knew this time it had to be my baby was growing up and getting a mind of his own. He was clean, he was fed, and he was angry and letting us know it.

I shed a small tear. My baby is officially growing up and no longer will his crying always be something I can or want to fix. Ugh!

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